Merging Logic Programming into Web-based Technology: A Coordination-based Approach

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Koen De Bosschere, Manuel Hermenegildo, Paul Tarau (eds.)
ICLP'97 Post-Conference 2nd International Workshop on Logic Programming Tools for Internet Applications, pages 117–128
July 1997

Current WWW technology is becoming the de-facto standard platform for groupware applications, yet it provides virtually no effective coordination capabilities. New applications, instead, demand higher-level middleware services, with intelligent behaviours, deductive capabilities, and effective coordination. In this work we discuss an extension to the current Web-based architectures whose aim is to provide a support to the integration between logic-based and conventional components, and to introduce the concept of programmable communication abstraction. Declarative (logic) programming is adopted, within the current Java-based architectural framework, as the main tool to exploit coordination models, to overcome some problems related to point-to-point interaction and to introduce reasoning and introspection capabilities within middleware software systems.