Logic Programming as a Service

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Theory and Practice of Logic Programming 18(5-6), pages 846-873
September 2018

New generations of distributed systems are opening novel perspectives for logic programming (LP): on the one hand, service-oriented architectures represent nowadays the standard approach for distributed systems engineering; on the other hand, pervasive systems mandate for situated intelligence. In this paper we introduce the notion of Logic Programming as a Service (LPaaS) as a means to address the needs of pervasive intelligent systems through logic engines exploited as a distributed service. First we define the abstract architectural model by re-interpreting classical LP notions in the new context; then we elaborate on the nature of LP interpreted as a service by describing the basic LPaaS interface. Finally, we show how LPaaS works in practice by discussing its implementation in terms of distributed tuProlog engines, accounting for basic issues such as interoperability and configurability.

keywordslogic programming, distributed systems, service-oriented architectures, pervasive systems, intelligent systems, LPaaS, situatedness
journal or series
book Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (TPLP)