Extending Logic Programming with Labelled Variables: Model and Semantics

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Fundamenta Informaticae 161(1-2), pages 53–74
July 2018

In order to enable logic programming to deal with the diversity of pervasive systems, where many heterogeneous, domain-specific computational models could benefit from the power of symbolic computation, we explore the expressive power of labelled systems.
To this end, we define a new notion of truth for logic programs extended with labelled variables interpreted in non-Herbrand domains—where, however, terms maintain their usual Herbrand interpretations.

First, a model for labelled variables in logic programming is defined. Then, the fixpoint and the operational semantics are presented and their equivalence is formally proved. A meta-interpreter implementing the operational semantics is also introduced, followed by some case studies aimed at showing the effectiveness of our approach in selected scenarios.

keywordslogic programming, labelled systems, labelled variables, formal semantics, meta-interpretation, situated intelligence
journal or series
book Fundamenta Informaticae (FI)