Labelled Variables in Logic Programming: Foundations

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Camillo Fiorentini, Alberto Momigliano (eds.)
CILC 2016 – Italian Conference on Computational Logic. Proceedings of the 31st Italian Conference on Computational Logic, pages 5-20
CEUR Workshop Proceedings (AI*IA Series) 1645
CEUR-WS, Milano, Italy
20-22 June 2016

We define a new notion of truth for logic programs extended with labelled variables, interpreted in non-Herbrand domains.
There, usual terms maintain their Herbrand interpretations, whereas diverse domain-specific computational models depending on the local situation of the computing device can be expressed via suitably-tailored labelled models.
After some introductory examples, we define the theoretical model for labelled variables in logic programming (LVLP).
Then, we present both the fixpoint and the operational semantics, and discuss their correctness and completeness, as well as their equivalence.

keywordslabelled logic programming; labelled systems; formal semantics
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page_white_powerpointLabelled Variables in Logic Programming: Foundations (CILC 2016, 20/06/2016) — Roberta Calegari (Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti, Agostino Dovier, Andrea Omicini)