Knowledge Management in Organizations: Examining the Interaction between Technologies, Techniques, and People

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Ganesh D. Bhatt
Journal of Knowledge Management 5(1), pages 6875

Argues that the knowledge management process can be categorized into knowledge creation, knowledge validation, knowledge presentation, knowledge distribution, and knowledge application activities. To capitalize on knowledge, an organization must be swift in balancing its knowledge management activities. In general, such a balancing act requires changes in organizational culture, technologies, and techniques. A number of organizations believe that by focusing exclusively on people, technologies, or techniques, they can manage knowledge. However, that exclusive focus on people, technologies, or techniques does not enable a firm to sustain its competitive advantages. It is, rather, the interaction between technology, techniques, and people that allow an organization to manage its knowledge effectively. By creating a nurturing and ``learning-by-doing'' kind of environment, an organization can sustain its competitive advantages.

keywordsInformation technology, Interaction, Knowledge management, Knowledge management systems, Knowledge workers