Modeling Opportunistic IoT Services in Open IoT Ecosystems

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Giancarlo Fortino, Wilma Russo, Claudio Savaglio, Mirko Viroli, MengChu Zhou
Pasquale De Meo, Maria Nadia Postorino, Domenico Rosaci, Giuseppe M.L. Sarné (eds.)
WOA 2017 – 18th Workshop “From Objects to Agents”, chapter 16, pages 90–95
CEUR Workshop Proceedings (AI*IA Series) 1867
Sun SITE Central Europe, RWTH Aachen University
June 2017

Internet of Thing (IoT) is transforming our physical world into a giant information system, daily providing novel, advanced, cyberphysical services. Differently from conventional computing services (e.g., web-services, and ubiquitous services) that are usually loosely impacted by contextawareness,
co-location or transience, Internet of Things (IoT) services require to actually consider the overall spatio-temporal context of the heterogeneous entities involved in the service
provisioning. This paper proposes a novel and full-fledged approach to IoT service modeling, aiming to fully support IoT service development according to opportunistic properties.

keywordsInternet of Things; Cyberphysical Services; Modelling
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