Internet of Intelligent Things: Bringing Artificial Intelligence into Things and Communication Networks

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Artur Arsénio, Hugo Serra, Rui Francisco, Fernando Nabais, João Andrade, Eduardo Serrano
Inter-cooperative Collective Intelligence: Techniques and Applications, pages 1–37
Studies in Computational Intelligence 495

This chapter introduces the Internet of Intelligent Things (IoIT), the future Internet of Things (IoT) with significant intelligence added to “things”. We discuss the importance of Artificial Intelligence approaches to enable such Intelligent Communication Networks. Nowadays, sensor networks are becoming a reality, especially for remote monitoring of events in fields such as healthcare, military, forest integrity or prediction of seismic activity in volcanoes. Intelligent devices and sensors are also appearing, besides electronic home appliances and utilities, as gadgets to mobile phones or tablets. And some of these devices have capability to actuate on the world. This chapter is focused on surveying current approaches for the Internet of all these intelligent things connected and communicating. It addresses artificial intelligence techniques employed to create such intelligence, and network solutions to exploit the benefits brought by this capability.

keywordsSensor Network; Sensor Node; Mobile Phone; Wireless Sensor Network; Cloud Computing
journal or series
book Studies in Computational Intelligence (SCI)