From Computing to Interaction: On the Expressiveness of Asynchronous Pi-Calculus

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Houguang Yue
International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science 24(03), pages 349-373

In line with the framework of Theory of Interaction proposed by Yuxi Fu, we formalize the asynchronous theory in model independent way. Borrowing the idea from Church-Turing Thesis, we introduce ℂ-calculus as a minimal interaction model. We give model independent characterization for asynchronous bisimulation equivalence which is generalized to subbisimilarity used as the criteria for Interaction Completeness of interaction models. We present an encoding from ℂ-calculus to asynchronous π-calculus and prove that it satisfies the subbisimilarity statements.

journal or series
book International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science (IJFCS)