The UMASS Intelligent Home Project

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Victor Lesser, Michael Atighetchi, Brett Benyo, Bryan Horling, Raja Anita, Regis Vincent, Thomas Wagner, Pingand Xuan, Shelley XQ. Zhang
AGENTS '99: Proceedings of the third annual conference on Autonomous Agents, pages 291-298
ACM, New York, NY, USA

Intelligent environments are an interesting development and research application problem for multi-agent systems. The functional and spatial distribution of tasks naturally lends itself to a multi-agent model and the existence of shared resources creates interactions over which the agents must coordinate. In the UMASS Intelligent Home project we have designed and implemented a set of distributed autonomous home control agents and deployed them in a simulated home environment. Our focus is primarily on resource coordination, though this project has multiple goals and areas of exploration ranging from the intellectual evaluation of the application as a general MAS testbed to the practical evaluation of our agent building and simulation tools.