Geo-Linda: a Geometry Aware Distributed Tuple Space

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Julien Pauty, Paul Couderc, Michel Banatre, Yolande Berbers
21st International Conference on Advanced Networking and Applications (AINA '07), pages 370–377
21-23 May 2007

This paper presents Geo-Linda, a physically distributed tuple space. Geo-Linda targets ubiquitous computing applications involving the detection of movement patterns of objects and people, such as the meeting of two people or the insertion of a product in a shopping cart, the loading of container in a boat. . . Existing distributed tuple spaces suffer two main limitations: (1) they cannot detect precisely movement patterns, leading to inconsistencies between the state of applications and the physical world; (2) they cannot detect several kinds of movement patterns. Geo-Linda tackles these two limitations, by introducing a geometric addressing mode and two new reading operations to access the tuple space. In this paper, we illustrate Geo-Linda with several small examples and a full application.

keywordsLinda, Space