Gaia4E: A Tool Supporting the Design of MAS using Gaia

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Luca Cernuzzi, Franco Zambonelli
Jose Cordeiro, Joaquim Filipe (eds.)
ICEIS 2009 - Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Volume SAIC, Milan, Italy, May 6-10, 2009, pages 82-88

Different efforts have been devoted to improve the original version of Gaia methodology. The more relevant is the official extension of Gaia, exploiting the organizational abstractions to provide clear guidelines for the analysis and design of complex and open multiagent systems. However, now a day a successful design methodology should include some other strategic factors like the support of a specific CASE tool to simplify the work of the designer. Such a tool supporting the Gaia design process may facilitate the adoption of the methodology in the industrial arena. The present study introduces Gaia4E, a plug-in for the ECLIPSE environment which covers all the phases of Gaia allowing agent engineers to produce and document the corresponding models.