Experiencing AUML in the GAIA Methodology

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Luca Cernuzzi, Franco Zambonelli
ICEIS 2004, pages 283-288
April 2004

In the last few years a great number of AOSE methodologies have been proposed, some of which centered
on organizational aspects to better capture the behavior of agents societies. Those methodologies may be considered very useful for modeling open systems composed of a great number of interacting autonomous agents. Gaia exploits organizational abstractions to provide clear guidelines for the analysis and design of complex and open Multi-Agent Systems (MAS). However, the notation of the Gaia methodology is probably less powerful (and perhaps less acceptable for industry solutions) than others (like AUML). In this perspective, this aims at performing a preliminary exploration towards the potential application of the AUML notation into the Gaia methodology: it explores the above issues using an application example and pays specific attention to the problem of modeling the complexity of open MAS and emergent behaviors.

keywordsAgent Oriented Methodologies, Gaia, AUML, Open Multi-Agent Systems