Coordination for Situated MAS: Towards an Event-driven Architecture

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Daniel Moldt, Heiko Rölke (eds.)
International Workshop on Petri Nets and Software Engineering (PNSE'13), pages 17-22
CEUR Workshop Proceedings 989
Sun SITE Central Europe, RWTH Aachen University
24–25 June 2013

Complex software systems modelled as multi-agent systems (MAS) are characterised by activities that are generated either by agents, or by the environment in its most general acceptation—that is, environmental resources and the spatio-temporal fabric.
Modelling and engineering complex multi-agent systems (MAS) – such as pervasive, adaptive, and situated MAS – requires then to properly handle diverse classes of events: agent operations, resource events, spatio-temporal situation.
In the following, first we devise out the requirements for a software architecture for an agent-based middleware based on boundary artefacts, then we sketch a concrete architecture based on the TuCSoN middleware for MAS coordination.

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