Programming Open Systems with Agents, Environments and Organizations

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Michele Piunti, Alessandro Ricci, Olivier Boissier, Jomi F. Hubner
11th Workshop Dagli Oggetti agli Agenti (WOA 2010)

MAS research pushes the notion of openness related
to systems combining heterogeneous computational entities.
Typically, those entities answer to different purposes and
functions and their integration is a crucial issue. Starting from
a comprehensive approach in developing agents, organizations
and environments, this paper devises an integrated approach and
describes a unifying programming model. It introduces the notion
of embodied organization, which is described first focusing on the
main entities as separate concerns; and, second, establishing different
interaction styles aimed to seamlessly integrate the various
entities in a coherent system. An integration framework, built on
top of Jason, CArtAgO andMoise (as programming platforms
for agents, environments and organizations resp.) is described as
a suitable technology to build embodied organizations in practice.

keywordsMAS, Organizations, Agents, Artifacts, Programming