Knowledge Construction in E-learning Context: CSCL, ODL, ICT and SNA in Education

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Maria Cristina Matteucci, Andrea Omicini, Elena Nardini, Pietro Gaffuri (eds.)
CEUR Workshop Proceedings 398
Sun SITE Central Europe, RWTH Aachen University
September 2008

The proceedings contain 34 papers. The topics discussed include: social networks and knowledge construction promotion in e-learning contexts; collaborative online learning: a heterogeneous phenomenon; agent-based collaboration systems: a case study; the construction of knowledge through gaming. how to engage university students in the understanding of the historical developments of knowledge and scholarship via playing and networking; e-learning by doing with computational logic; open education and virtual communities: an experience; open source LMS and web 2.0 for supplementary teaching: an experience; a problematic teaching model for the implementation of e-learning formative pathways; a web-based learning tool for applied mathematics disciplines; laboratory door opens to non-formal learning communities. science centers as mediators; and virtual teams and preferential attachment for intrinsic motivation.

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wrenchRESET — Social Networks and Promotion of Knowledge Construction through E-Learning Tools (15/10/2006–15/10/2008)