Architecture and Metaphors for Eternally Adaptive Service Ecosystems

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Franco Zambonelli, Mirko Viroli
Intelligent Distributed Computing, Systems and Applications, pages 23-32
Studies in Computational Intelligence 162/2008
September 2008

In this paper, we first motivate the need for innovative open service frameworks that ensure capability of self-adaptability and long-lasting evolvability (i.e., eternity). On this basis, we discuss how such frameworks should get inspiration from natural ecosystems, by enabling modelling and deployment of services as autonomous individuals in an ecosystem of other services, data sources, and pervasive devices. A reference architecture is presented to clarify the concepts expressed, and then several possible approaches to realise the idea are surveyed and critically analyzed.

keywordsSelforganising systems, Ecoservices, Bio-inspired models, Adaptive systems, Infrastructures
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