Reconciling Event- and Agent-Based Paradigms in the Engineering of Complex Systems: The Role of Environment Abstractions

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Danny Weyns, Fabien Michel (eds.)
Agent Environments for Multi-Agent Systems IV, pages 117-130
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) 9068
Springer International Publishing
November 2015

In spite of the growing influence of agent-based models and technologies, the event-based architectural style is still prevalent in the design of large-scale distributed applications. In this paper we discuss the role of environment in both EBS and MAS, and show how it could be used as a starting point for reconciling agent-based and event-based abstractions and techniques within a conceptually-coherent framework that could work as the foundation of a principled discipline for the engineering of complex software systems.

keywordsmulti-agent systems, event-based systems, environment, situatedness, coordination models, TuCSoN
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worldE4MAS 2014@AAMAS 2014
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book Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
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page_white_acrobatAgent Environments for Multi-Agent Systems IV (edited volume, 2015) — Danny Weyns, Fabien Michel