EasyLiving: Technologies for Intelligent Environments

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Barry Brumitt, Brian Meyers, John Krumm, Amanda Kern, Steven A. Shafer
Peter J. Thomas, Hans-Werner Gellersen (eds.)
Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing, pages 97-119
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1927
Springer-Verlag, London, UK

The EasyLiving project is concerned with development of an architecture and technologies
for intelligent environments which allow the dynamic aggregation of diverse I/O devices into
a single coherent user experience. Components of such a system include middleware (to facilitate
distributed computing), world modelling (to provide location-based context), perception
(to collect information about world state), and service description (to support decomposition
of device control, internal logic, and user interface). This paper describes the current research
in each of these areas, highlighting some common requirements for any intelligent environment.