Integrating and Orchestrating Services upon an Agent Coordination Infrastructure

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Enrico Denti, Alessandro Ricci, Rossella Rubino
Paolo Petta, Andrea Omicini, Jeremy Pitt (eds.)
Engineering Societies in the Agents World IV, pages 228-245
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 3071
July 2004

The adoption of Multi-Agent Systems for system engineering often requires legacy and human-oriented services to be integrated into agent societies. In turn, this aspect impacts the engineering of interactive systems that involve the cooperation of agents and (human) actors ? such as, for instance, workflow management systems. In this context, the coordination model adopted by the multi-agent system infrastructure strongly conditions the design, development and exploitation of available services.
In this work we address the issue of composing and coordinating services upon a suitable agent coordination infrastructure. First, we discuss how the infrastructurersquos metaphors and coordination artifacts can be exploited to support service integration, and illustrate the envisioned scenarios making specific reference to the TuCSoN coordination infrastructure. Then, we discuss in detail the issue of the engineering of (possibly heterogeneous and legacy) services: the case study of e-mail, file transfer, and web browsing services is finally presented.

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