Developing Agent-Based Pervasive Mixed Reality Systems: The MiRAgE Framework

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Yves Demazeau, Bo An, Javier Bajo, Antonio Fernandez-Caballero (eds.)
Advances in Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Complexity: The PAAMS Collection, pages 301–304
Springer International Publishing, Cham

The impressive development of smart technologies is reducing the gulf between the physical and the digital matter, between what is real and what is virtual. Recent technological advances in the Mixed Reality (MR) context -- both tools, such smart-glasses/visor, and software frameworks/libraries -- are bringing new opportunities for research in agents and Multi-Agents Systems (MAS), in particular to explore their application in the design and development of mixed reality based smart intelligent environments that we can call augmented worlds (AWs). The goal of this demo is to present a first prototype of a framework called MiRAgE to build agent-based pervasive mixed reality software systems, incrementally showing its potentialities and proposed abstractions for the design of such class of systems.