Towards a Methodology for Coordination Mechanism Selection in Open Systems

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Simon Miles, Mike Joy, Michael Luck
Paolo Petta, Robert Tolksdorf, Franco Zambonelli (eds.)
Engineering Societies in the Agents World IIII, pages 241-256
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2577
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg

Agent-oriented software engineering (AOSE) is a promising approach to developing applications for dynamic open systems. If well developed, these applications can be opportunistic, taking advantage of services implemented by other developers at appropriate times. However, methodologies are needed to aid the development of systems that are both flexible enough to be opportunistic and tightly defined by the application requirements. In this paper, we investigate how developers can choose the coordination mechanisms of agents so that the agents will best fulfil application requirements in an open system.

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book Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
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page_white_acrobatEngineering Societies in the Agents World III (edited volume, 2003) — Paolo Petta, Robert Tolksdorf, Franco Zambonelli