Multi-agent Infrastructures for Objective and Subjective Coordination

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Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli, Marco Cioffi, Giovanni Rimassa
Applied Artificial Intelligence 18(9-10), pages 815–831
October 2004

Coordination in multi-agented systems (MAS) can be conceived as either an agent activity (the subjective viewpoint) or an activity over agents (the objective viewpoint). The two viewpoints have generated two diverging and often contrasting lines of research, as well as different and noncompatible technologies, however, their integration is mandatory for modeling and engineering complex MAS. In this paper, we explore the issue of integration at both the model and the technology levels.
First, by taking FIPA agents and coordination artifacts as reference notions for subjective and objective approaches, respectively, we sketch a framework where agent interactions with coordination artifacts are modeled as physical acts, deliberated and executed by agents analogously to communicative actions. Then, we show how the JADE infrastructure for FIPA-compliant agents, and the TuCSoN infrastructure providing agents with coordination artifacts can be integrated at the technology level, allowing JADE agents to access TuCSoN tuple centers through JADE services.

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book Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI)