Comparative Analysis of Blockchain Technologies under a Coordination Perspective

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Fernando De La Prieta, Alfonso González-Briones, Pawel Pawleski, Davide Calvaresi, Elena Del Val, Fernando Lopes, Vicente Julian, Eneko Osaba, Ramón Sánchez-Iborra (eds.)
Highlights of Practical Applications of Survivable Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. The PAAMS Collection, chapter 7, pages 80-91
Communications in Computer and Information Science 1047
June 2019

Many research works apply blockchain technologies to several different application domains ranging from supply chain and logistics to healthcare and real-estate. There, nevertheless, the blockchain performs the same two core tasks: identity management and asset tracking. In this paper we analyse how the blockchain can be exploited beyond these traditional tasks, towards coordination of distributed processes. To this end, we design and develop proof-of-concept implementations of the Linda model on top of different blockchains, and compare their strengths and shortcomings.

keywordsBlockchain-based coordination; Smart contracts; Linda on Ethereum; Linda on Fabric; Linda on Corda
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worldBCT4MAS 2019@PAAMS'19
journal or series
book Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS)
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page_white_powerpointComparative Analysis of Blockchain Technologies under a Coordination Perspective (BCT4MAS 2019@PAAMS'19, 26/06/2019) — Giovanni Ciatto (Andrea Omicini, Giovanni Ciatto, Michael Bosello, Stefano Mariani)