Auction Negotiation for Mobile Rideshare Service

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Sameh Abdel-Naby, Stefano Fante, Paolo Giorgini
2nd International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Applications, 2007. ICPCA 2007. , pages 225-230
IEEE Press, Birmingham, UK
26-27 jul 2007

Rideshare systems allow a substantial number of people to mutually benefit from using less cars in a specific region. This would rationalize energy consumption, save money, and decrease traffic jams and pollution. However, accessibility issues have prevented these architectures from being widely spread. In this paper, we present an agent-based rideshare system that is accessible via lightweight devices. We use auction mechanism as a method of negotiation among autonomous and proactive agents, by this we aim at accelerating agents' interactions while resolving end-user composite tasks.

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