Arg-tuProlog: A tuProlog-based argumentation framework

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Francesco Calimeri, Simona Perri, Ester Zumpano (eds.)
CILC 2020 – Italian Conference on Computational Logic. Proceedings of the 35th Italian Conference on Computational Logic, pages 51-66
CEUR Workshop Proceedings (AI*IA Series) 2710
CEUR-WS, Aachen, Germany
13-15 October 2020

Over the last decades, argumentation has become increasingly central as a frontier research within artificial intelligence (AI), especially around the notions of interpretability and explainability, which are more and more required within AI applications. In this paper we present the first prototype of Arg-tuProlog, a logic-based argumentation tool built on top of the tuProlog system. In particular, Arg-tuProlog enables defeasible reasoning and argumentation, and deals with priorities over rules. It also includes a formal method for dealing with burden of proof (burden of persuasion). Being lightweight and compliant to the requirements for micro-intelligence, Arg-tuProlog is perfectly suited for injecting argumentation into distributed pervasive systems.

keywordsargumentation; logic-based argumentation; burden of persuasion; tuProlog; micro-intelligence; symbolic intelligence
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page_white_powerpointArg-tuProlog: a tuProlog-based argumentation framework (CILC 2020, 13/10/2020) — Giuseppe Pisano (Giuseppe Pisano, Roberta Calegari, Andrea Omicini, Giovanni Sartor)