Service-Oriented Agent Methodologies

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Giacomo Cabri, Letizia Leonardi, Mariachiara Puviani
Federico Bergenti, M. Brian Blake, Giacomo Cabri (eds.)
16th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE 2007), pages 24–29
IEEE CS Press, Paris, France
June 2007

Agents and services are two concepts that more and more are integrating and exploiting the advantages of each other. Agent-oriented methodologies effectively support the development of agent-based system in the different phases. In this paper, we explore how and how much the most common agent-oriented methodologies are also oriented to the development of services. Rather than searching for the "best" methodology, we aim at defining some evaluation criteria and surveying the existing methodologies considering such criteria.

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wrenchMEnSA — Methodologies for the Engineering of complex Software systems: Agent-based approach  (01/03/2007–28/02/2009)