Composition of a New Process to Meet Agile Needs Using Method Engineering

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Massimo Cossentino, Valeria Seidita
Ricardo Choren, Alessandro F. Garcia, Carlos José Pereira de Lucena, Alexander B. Romanovsky (eds.)
Software Engineering for Multi-Agent Systems III, Research, pages 36-51
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3390

The need of developing a new software engineering process to allow the quick prototyping of some robotic applications and meet the requests by some companies for a development process that was shorter than PASSI, gave us the opportunity of applying our studies on the assembling of a new SEP by reusing parts (called method fragments) from other processes. In this paper we discuss our approach that, starting from the method engineering paradigm, adapts and extends it considering specific agent-oriented issues like the multi-agent system meta-model. The final result of our experiment (Agile PASSI) is presented together with the requirements that motivated its structure.

funding project
wrenchMEnSA — Methodologies for the Engineering of complex Software systems: Agent-based approach  (01/03/2007–28/02/2009)