AI&IoT 2019 – Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things 2019

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Claudio Savaglio, Giancarlo Fortino, Giovanni Ciatto, Andrea Omicini (eds.)
CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2502
Sun SITE Central Europe, RWTH Aachen University
November 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to reach its full potential through actually intelligent and autonomous cyber-physical devices and systems. Along this line, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is likely to be the best source of resources – such as algorithms, technologies, methodologies, and paradigms – enabling the development of next-generation “smart” devices and systems. In fact, the “IoT-AI” combination let us envision a cyber- physical scenario where devices compute while opportunistically interacting with each other, with human users, and with their surrounding environments in a dynamic, adaptive, and cognitive way. It is reasonable to expect that great benefits for the IoT can emerge by combining the whole spectrum of AI techniques with the various approaches used in the IoT to distribute data and computation and to exploit the interaction between multiple devices. For this reason, the AI&IoT Workshop aims to explore not only the adaptation of existing AI techniques to the IoT context, but also new specific and original approaches for the development of intelligent IoT ecosystems as well as new business models and relevant experiences from successful smart applications.

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