Agent Coordination Contexts in a MAS Coordination Infrastructure

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Applied Artificial Intelligence 20(2-4), pages 179–202
February 2006

In order to harness complexity in multi-agent systems (MAS), first-class entities that mediate interaction between agents and environment are required, which can encapsulate control over MAS behavior and evolution. To this end, MAS infrastructures should provide mediating artifacts, both enabling and constraining agent interactions, and possibly representing admissible agent perceptions and actions over the environment.

Along this line, in this paper, we take the notion of agent coordination context (ACC) as a means to model agent-environment interactions, and show how it can be embedded within a MAS infrastructure in terms of model and runtime structures. Then, we take the TuCSoN coordination infrastructure as a reference, and extend it with the ACC abstraction to integrate the support for coordination with organization and security.

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book Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI)