2P-Kt: A Logic-Based Ecosystem for Symbolic AI

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SoftwareX 16, article 100817 (7 pages)
December 2021

To date, logic-based technologies are either built on top or as extensions of the Prolog language, mostly working as monolithic solutions tailored upon specific inference procedures, unification mechanisms, or knowledge representation techniques. Instead, to maximise their impact, logic-based technologies should support and enable the general-purpose exploitation of all the manifold contributions from logic programming. Accordingly, we present 2P-Kt, a reboot of the tuProlog project offering a general, extensible, and interoperable ecosystem for logic programming and symbolic AI.

keywordslogic programming, artificial intelligence, Prolog, Kotlin, tuProlog
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book SoftwareX (SwX)
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wrenchCompuLaw — Computable Law (01/11/2019–31/10/2025)