P@J (or PatJ)

Although object-oriented languages are nowadays the mainstream for application development, several research contexts suggest that a multi-paradigm approach is worth pursuing.

In particular, a declarative, logic-based paradigm could fruitfully add functionalities related to intelligence, adaptivity, and conciseness in expressing algorithms. The aim of the P@J project is to provide a framework for enhancing interoperability between Java and Prolog, based on the tuProlog open-source Prolog engine for Java. P@J achieves smoother language-interoperability through two stacked layers:

  • an API layer for automated mapping of Java types into Prolog types (and viceversa) and seamless exploitation of the Generic Collections Framework; 
  • an annotation layer, that aims at truly extending Java programming with the ability of specifying Prolog-based declarative implementations of Java methods, relying on Java annotations.

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