Unlocking Insights and Trust: The Value of Explainable Clustering Algorithms for Cognitive Agents (WOA 2023, 08/11/2023) — Giovanni Ciatto (Federico Sabbatini, Roberta Calegari) Intelligent Agents: A Gentle Introduction (ASAI-ER 2023, 25/07/2023) — Giovanni Ciatto (Giovanni Ciatto) On the role of computational logic in MAS: practice with 2P-Kt (EASSS23, 17/07/2023) — Giovanni Ciatto (Giovanni Ciatto) A General-Purpose Protocol for Multi-Agent based Explanations (EXTRAAMAS 2023@AAMAS 2023, 29/05/2023) — Giovanni Ciatto (Giovanni Ciatto, Matteo Magnini, Berk Buzcu, Reyhan Aydoğan, Andrea Omicini)

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