International Workshop on Collaborative Information Agents (1997—2008)

In today’s world of ubiquitously connected heterogeneous information systems, business services and computing devices, the intelligent coordination and provision of relevant added-value information or services to the user at any time, anywhere is of key importance to a variety of applications. This challenge is envisioned to be coped with by means of appropriate intelligent and cooperative information agents.

An intelligent information agent is a computational software entity that is capable of accessing one or multiple, potentially heterogeneous and distributed information sources, proactively acquiring, mediating, and maintaining relevant information or services on behalf of its human users, or other agents, preferably just in time and anywhere. One key challenge of developing intelligent and cooperative information systems is to balance the autonomy of networked data, information, and knowledge sources with the potential payoff of leveraging them by the appropriate use of such agents.

Research on intelligent information agents and systems is inherently cross disciplinary covering themes from domains such as AI, Multiagent Systems, HCI, Semantic Web Technologies, Web Services, Information Systems, Knowledge Discovery, Information Retrieval, and P2P Computing.

The objective of the international workshop series on cooperative information agents (CIA), since its establishment in 1997, has been to provide a distinguished, interdisciplinary forum for researchers, programmers, and managers to get informed about, present, and discuss the latest high-quality results in the research and development of agent-based intelligent and cooperative information systems, and applications for the Internet, Web and Semantic Web. Each event in the series offers regular and invited talks of excellence, given by renowned experts in the field, a selected set of system demonstrations, and honors innovative research and development of information agents by means of a best paper award and a system innovation award, respectively. The proceedings of the series are regularly published a

3 events in the series