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27 special issues
Special Issue: Multi-Agent Systems and Explainable AI (15/04/2023–30/09/2023)  •  Special Issue “Serverless Computing in the Cloud-to-Edge Continuum” (10/01/2023–15/11/2023)  •  Special Issue “Advances in Multi-Agent Systems II” (01/01/2023–30/09/2023)  •  Special issue: Selected papers from the 37th Italian Conference on Computational Logic (CILC 2022) (11/09/2022–17/12/2022)  •  Special Issue on Trustworthy AI (31/07/2022–15/09/2022)  •  Special issue: Selected papers from the 22nd Workshop “From Objects to Agents” (WOA 2021) (29/09/2021–15/11/2021)  •  Special Issue “Advances in Multi-Agent Systems” (07/02/2020–27/10/2021)  •  Special Issue “Multi-Agent Systems” 2019 (01/08/2019–31/01/2020)  •  Special Issue “Multi-Agent Systems” (01/05/2018–13/08/2018)  •  Special Issue of Theory and Practice of Logic Programming: Past and Present (and Future) of Parallel and Distributed Computation in (Constraint) Logic Programming (30/01/2017–31/03/2017)  •  Special Section on Coordination in Large-Scale Socio-Technical Systems (01/03/2014–31/05/2014)  •  Special Issue of the Journal “Intelligenza Artificiale” for the 25th Anniversary of AI*IA (04/12/2013)  •  Special issue on “New challenges in Bio-inspired algorithms in complex and distributed problems” (25/11/2013–01/11/2015)  •  Special Issue on Software Agents (05/05/2013–30/11/2013)  •  Special Issue “Infrastructures and Tools for Multiagent Systems” (05/05/2010–21/06/2010)  •  Special Issue “The AgentLink Perspective on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems” (10/04/2006–15/07/2006)  •  Special Issue on Foundations, Advanced Topics and Industrial Perspectives of Multi-agent Systems (01/03/2006–30/06/2006)  •  Special Issue “Process Algebras and Multi-Agent Systems” (30/06/2005–31/10/2005)  •  Special Issue “Revised Reports from Selected Technical Forum Groups at the 1st & 2nd AgentLink III Technical Forums” (15/06/2005–31/08/2005)  •  Special Issue of the “Artificial Intelligence and Law” Journal on Computational Institutions (25/03/2005–10/09/2005)  •  Special Issue “Hot Topics in European Agent Research II” (16/03/2005–15/06/2005)  •  Special Issue “Hot Topics in European Agent Research I” (15/03/2005–15/05/2005)  •  Special Issue “Agenti e vincoli: modelli, tecnologie e metodi per dominare la complessità” (28/10/2004–07/12/2004)  •  Special Issue “Coordination and Collaboration Technologies” (30/04/2003–31/08/2003)  •  Special Issue “Coordination and Knowledge Engineering” (04/03/2002–31/08/2002)  •  Special Issue “Coordination Models and Languages in AI” (15/08/2000–15/04/2001)  •  Special Issue “Coordination as a Paradigm for Systems Integration” (15/08/2000–15/04/2001)
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Andrea Agiollo  •  Roberta Calegari  •  Giovanni Ciatto  •  Enrico Denti  •  Matteo Magnini  •  Andrea Omicini  •  Giuseppe Pisano  •  Andrea Rafanelli  •  Federico Sabbatini