When: October 1, 2021

  • morning session: 16-19 CEST (10-13 EST)
  • afternoon session: 20-23 CEST (14-17 EST)

Where: Conference Platform (, Room B

Detailed program (full-day workshop)

  • 16:00—16:30 CEST (10:00—10:30 EST):
    introduction to the eCAS workshop + participants' introduction
  • 16:30—17:30 CEST (10:30—11:30 EST):
    SESSION 1 - on principles for the design of CASs (session chair: Lukas Esterle)
    • Christian Kröher, Klaus Schmid, Simon Paasche and Christian Sauer. Combining Central Control with Collective Adaptive Systems
    • Giorgio Audrito, Roberto Casadei and Gianluca Torta. Fostering resilient execution of multi-agent plans through self-organisation
    • Sebastian Schmid, Daniel Schraudner and Andreas Harth. Performance Comparison of Simple Reflex Agents Using Stigmergy with Model-Based Agents in Self-Organizing Transportation
  • 17:30—18:00 CEST (11:30—12:00 EST):
  • 18:00—19:00 CEST (12:00—13:00 EST):
    SESSION 2 - on formal design of CASs (session chair: Roberto Casadei)
    • Hunza Zainab, Giorgio Audrito, Soura Dasgupta and Jacob Beal. Effect of Monotonic Filtering on Graph Collection Dynamics
    • Joseph Hirsch, Martin Neumayer, Hella Ponsar, Oliver Kosak and Wolfgang Reif. Distributed Constraint Optimization for Task Allocation in Self-Adaptive Manufacturing Systems
    • Ian Riley and Rose Gamble. Employing Stochastic Multiplayer Games to Support Self-Organization over Ad Hoc Networks
  • 19:00—20:00 CEST (13:00—14:00 EST):
  • 20:00—21:20 CEST (14:00—15:20 EST):
    SESSION 3 - approaches to CAS design (session chair: Giorgio Audrito)
    • Gianluca Aguzzi, Roberto Casadei, Danilo Pianini, Guido Salvaneschi and Mirko Viroli. Towards Pulverised Architectures for Collective Adaptive Systems through Multi-tier Programming
    • Emad Eldeen Elakehal and Joost Vennekens. A Logic-based Multiagent Product Configuration Model
    • Paul Akiki, Andrea Zisman and Amel Bennaceur. Work With What You've Got: An Approach for Resource-driven Adaptation
    • Daniel Palmer, Ryan Houghtaling, Marc Kirschenbaum and Morgan Might. Interactive Methodology to Iteratively Add Functionality to Swarm Programs
  • 21:20—21:30 CEST (15:20—15:30 EST):
  • 21:30—23:00 CEST (15:30—17:00 EST):
    discussion on CAS research directions + workshop closing