Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for eCAS'19:

  • Evaluating the Impact of Design Constraints on Expected System Performance (Ian Riley and Rose Gamble)
  • Learning and Sharing for Improved k-coverage in Smart Camera Networks (Arezoo Vejdanparast and Peter R. Lewis)
  • Security in Collective Adaptive Systems: a Roadmap (Danilo Pianini, Roberto Casadei and Mirko Viroli)
  • On Context-Orientation in Aggregate Programming (Roberto Casadei, Danilo Pianini, Guido Salvaneschi and Mirko Viroli)
  • A Framework for Self-Adaptive Dispersal of Computing Services (Aaron Paulos, Soura Dasgupta, Jacob Beal, Yuanqiu Mo, Khoi Hoang, J. Bryan Lyles, Partha Pal, Richard Schantz, Jon Schewe, Ramesh Sitaraman, Alexander Wald, Christabel Wayllace and William Yeoh)
  • Maple: Ensemble Programming for Multipotent Systems (Oliver Kosak, Felix Bohn, Felix Keller, Hella Ponsar and Wolfgang Reif
  • An Automated Approach to Management of a Collection of Autonomic Systems (Thomas J. Glazier and David Garlan)
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