JaKtA: BDI Agent-Oriented Programming in Pure Kotlin (paper in proceedings, 2023) — Martina Baiardi, Samuele Burattini, Giovanni Ciatto, Danilo Pianini A Methodology and Simulation-Based Toolchain for Estimating Deployment Performance of Smart Collective Services at the Edge (article in journal, 2022) — Roberto Casadei, Giancarlo Fortino, Danilo Pianini, Andrea Placuzzi, Claudio Savaglio, Mirko Viroli Breaking down monoliths with Microservices and DevOps: an industrial experience report (paper in proceedings, 2021) — Danilo Pianini, Alessandro Neri Partitioned integration and coordination via the self-organising coordination regions pattern (article in journal, 2021) — Danilo Pianini, Roberto Casadei, Mirko Viroli, Antonio Natali

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