Implementazione dell’algoritmo di consenso Raft su middleware JADE

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Raft is a consensus algorithm enabling a distributed replicated state machine dynamics to evolve equally for all replicas. It can be used to build fault tolerant distributed systems. JADE is a Java framework easing the development of FIPA-compliant multi agent systems. This project aims at designing and implementing the RAFT consensus algorithm on top of JADE in order to:

  • Achieve a deeper understanding of consensus and consensus algorithms
  • Producing a testbed environment easing the development and testing of future fault tolerant distributed application
  • Paving the way across novel permissioned Blockchain implementations

The final JADE system should also enable to simulate network failures and agents faults, thus easing the stress-testing of applications.

  • l'algoritmo Raft (e pubblicazioni correlate)
  • la piattaforma JADE (e pubblicazioni correlate)