Multiplayer Minesweeper

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Minesweeper, known in Italy as Campo minato, is a classic single-player puzzle game developed in the 1990s for the Windows 3.1 operating system.
The game is set on a grid, where players have to uncover squares to reveal whether or not there is a hidden mine underneath. The player’s objective is to clear the entire board without detonating any mines. When the game begins, players are presented with a grid of squares, some of which contain hidden mines. The number of mines on the grid depends on the difficulty level chosen by the player. The objective is to uncover all the squares on the grid that do not contain mines. Each square that a player selects reveals a number that indicates how many mines are adjacent to that square. The player must use this information to determine the locations of the mines and avoid uncovering them. If a player uncovers a square with a mine, the game is over, and the player loses. However, if the player successfully uncovers all squares without detonating any mines, they win the game.
Minesweeper quickly became a popular game, and was shipped with most versions of the Windows operating system. It has since been ported to various other platforms and remains a beloved classic among players.

This project aims to develop a version of the game that enables multiple players to collaborate and play in the same match.