Forest Fire Detection using Multi-Agent Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks

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Filippo Paganelli

In the urbanisation process, new technologies are playing a key role in improving the quality of life through sustainable resource management. These technologies are adopted to distribute and deploy in the environment the systems useful to carry out all the functionalities necessary for its monitoring and control. Wireless Sensor Networks are application-specific, and therefore must to involve both software and hardware. The aim of this project is the creation of a Multi-Agent System that allows the control of Wireless Sensor Networks by reducing as much as possible the dependence on specific scenarios. In order to test the results obtained, Forest Fire Detection was chosen as a case study. The whole work will be focused on the design of the Multi-Agent System and to the development of the software through the use of the framework Smart Python Agent Development Environment (SPADE). Anything related to the hardware part goes beyond the aspects related to the Distributed Systems and therefore the interactions of sensors and actuators with the environment will be simulated through data streams.