Drone Obstacle Avoidance: the Software Engineering Strategy applied

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Jore Booy  •  Christoph Konheisner  •  Eetu Kahelin  •  Lorenzo Morelli

Software engineering is hard. Engineering something intelligent is even harder. That is when the process of software development becomes even more important. In this report, we will share how we applied different principles from the Software Engineering for Intelligent Distributed Systems course at the University of Bologna to create the software solution for our project.
We took part in the ICRA 2022 DodgeDrone Challenge. The DodgeDrone Challenge is a competition where anyone can participate and hand-in submissions online. Then, the finalists will be announced and the grand finals will happen live at the ICRA 2022 conference in Philadelphia, USA.
The goal is to create a vision or state-based algorithm for a drone to reach a destination as fast as possible while avoiding obstacles. More specifically, we needed to write a python program that given the current state and vision of the drone (and possibly knowledge of the positions of the obstacles), returns a command that would lead the drone down the optimal path.

(Joint project with the courses of "Embedded Systems" & "Vehicular Systems")