JaSA: semantically aware agents to improve adaptivity and context-awareness of smart environments

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Alice Grandi

The aim of this project is to accomplish the need for adaptivity and context-awareness in smart environment applications, combining agent-oriented programming with ontological reasoning. This concretises in the realization of Jason Semantically Aware (JaSA) agents, that will show their potentiality using JaCa-smart, an extension of the Jason-CArtAgO framework, to act in the Smart-M3 computational environment.


  • Introduction
  • Towards semantically aware agents
    • Interaction model for Smart Environment Applications
    • Agent-Oriented Programming is the way
      • Use of BDI agents in Smart Environment Systems
    • Integrating BDI agents in Smart-M3
      • Smart-M3: an open source platform within SOFIA project
      • JaCa-smart
    • Goal of this work
  • JaSA agents
    • Working of a Jason agent
    • Needed Modifications
      • Modifications to the belief base
      • Modifications to the Plan Library
      • Modifications to the "overall agent architecture"
      • Further Modifications
  • JaSA project
    • From JASDL to JaSA
    • From CArtAgO to CArtAgO-DL
    • Artifact manuals as OWL ontologies
    • A new artifact to interact with Smart-M3 SIB(s)
      • New artifact operations interfaces
      • SIB events handling
  • How to build a JaSA MAS - the thermostat example
    • Problem: controlling the temperature of a room
    • Setting up the MAS configuration file: thermo.mas2j
    • MAS thermo artifacts
    • MAS thermo agents
  • Conclusions & future work
  • Acknowledgements
  • References

The sources of JaSA technology, including the examples, can be downloaded here: http://cartago.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cartago/jasa/trunk/?view=tar