Nature-inspired Coordination for Complex Distributed Systems 2013/2014

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Originating from closed parallel systems, coordination models and technologies gained in expressive power so to deal with complex distributed systems. In particular, nature-inspired models of coordination emerged in the last decade as the most effective approaches to tackle the complexity of pervasive, intelligent, and self-* systems. In this course we first introduce the basic notions of coordination and coordination model, survey the most relevant nature-inspired coordination models, discuss the main open issues, and explore the trends for their future development. 

PhD Student Tests

  • Angelo Trotta
  • Andrea Borghesi
  • Pankaj Kumar
  • Valeria Vignudelli
  • Liubov Ermolaeva
  • Abel García
  • Tommaso Cavallari
  • Yisleidy Linares Zaila
  • Enrico Gallinucci
  • Stefano Giovanni Rizzo
  • Daniela Loreti