Frontiers of Autonomous Systems 2017/2018

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general information on the course

Learning outcomes

The course is aimed at surveying the main computational paradigms, models, technologies and methods for the engineering of autonomous systems. In particular, the courses focuses on the following macro-themes:

  • the notion of autonomy in biological systems, artificial systems, and software systems
  • intelligence & autonomy: intelligent agents
  • system autonomy: coordination and self-organisation

Course contents

  • Autonomy of Biological Systems
    • Evolutionary Biology
    • Biological Autonomy
    • Autonomy & Evolution
  • Autonomy of Artificial Systems
    • Premises
    • On the Notion of Autonomy
    • Intentional Agents
  • System Autonomy & Self-Organisation
    • Autonomy in Complex Artificial Systems
    • Coordination for Self-Organisation & System Autonomy

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