Advanced Topics in Agent-Oriented Computing 2006/2007

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The agent-oriented paradigm changes the way in which complex computational systems are conceived and built. In this course, we take a deep look at the theoretical foundations of agent-oriented computing, and develop an original perspective upon its applications within several key areas. Among the main topics of the course: 

  • Signs of a revolution. From objects to agents
  • Models & meta-models. The Agents & Artifacts (A&A) approach
  • Agent intelligence and tools: beware of the Agens Faber
  • Interaction, communication, coordination, organisation, security: survey, infrastructures, and the A&A perspective
  • Agent-Oriented Software Engineering: methodology survey, and the A&A perspective
  • Agent-oriented simulation: survey, and the A&A perspective
  • Self-* props, autonomic computing and multiagent systems: survey, and the A&A perspective