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Andrea Rafanelli (Andrea Agiollo, Andrea Rafanelli, Andrea Omicini)
Towards Quality-of-Service Metrics for Symbolic Knowledge Injection
(talk, 01/09/2022) WOA 2022
Andrea Agiollo (Andrea Agiollo, Andrea Omicini)
GNN2GNN: Graph Neural Networks to Generate Neural Networks
(talk, 02/08/2022) 38th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI 2022)
Andrea Agiollo (Andrea Agiollo)
Embedding Artificial Intelligence into Constrained Devices
(talk, 20/10/2021) PhD 1st-year report
Andrea Agiollo (Andrea Agiollo, Giovanni Ciatto, Andrea Omicini)
Graph Neural Networks as the Copula Mundi between Logic and Machine Learning: a Roadmap
(talk, 02/09/2021) WOA 2021
Andrea Agiollo (Andrea Agiollo, Giovanni Ciatto, Andrea Omicini)
Shallow2Deep: Restraining Neural Networks Opacity through Neural Architecture Search
(talk, 03/05/2021) EXTRAAMAS 2021
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Internal Talks
Andrea Agiollo (Andrea Agiollo)
Graph Neural Networks - Theory & Applications
(internal talk, 30/04/2021) Internal Seminar
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Other Talks
Andrea Agiollo (Andrea Agiollo)
Artificial Intelligence in Embedded Environments
(other talk, 31/03/2021) PhD Review - The Research Hub by Electrolux Professional
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Andrea Agiollo

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