2APL2  2p-Kt4  2PaaS3  3APL2  A&A51  A&A ReSpecT1  ABA+1  abduction2  abductive logic programming1  access control5  ACLT9  active documents1  activity theory9  actors3  ad hoc alignment1  adaptive systems9  adaptive tuple clustering2  ADELFE2  agens faber1  agent architecture1  agent cognition1  agent communication1  agent communication languages5  agent control loop1  agent coordination contexts24  agent middleware1  agent model2  agent societies6  agent technology1  agent workspaces1  agent-based modelling3  agent-based modelling and simulation3  agent-based XAI2  agent-oriented computing11  agent-oriented programming7  agent-oriented software engineering66  AgentLink2  AgentLink III14  agents17  AgentSpeak4  aggregate computing5  aggregate planning1  agile software development4  agricultural systems1  AI4EU12  Alberto Martelli1  Alchemist18  ALMA TWO2  AlmaActa1  ALOO1  AlphaGo1  ambient intelligence12  amorphous computing1  Android2  answer set programming1  AnyLogic1  AOSE methodologies8  APPEAL1  architectural styles1  Arg2P11  argumentation22  artefacts32  artificial general intelligence2  artificial intelligence14  artificial life1  ASPECS2  aspects1  ASPIC+1  asynchronous interaction1  attention mechanism4  Auction1  augmented reality3  augmented worlds3  AUML1  authentication1  authorisation1  automated guided vehicles1  automatic service composition1  AutoML1  autonomic communication1  autonomic computing1  autonomous agents1  autonomous systems2  autonomous weapon systems1  autonomy6  Bach1  BaSi1  BDI12  behaviour analysis2  behaviour prediction2  behavioural implicit communication7  BibTeX2  bio-inspired computing1  biochemical coordination5  biochemical networks1  biochemical simulation1  biochemical tuple spaces4  bioinformatics1  biology1  BioMABS3  Biomimetics1  BioPepa2  bisimulation1  BISON1  black-box regressors6  Blackboard1  blockchain6  blockchain-based coordination2  BPEL1  bulk primitives1  burden of persuasion4  burden of proof2  Butlers5  byzantine behaviour1  C@sa1  CARA1  CArtAgO17  CASE1  CASE tools1  CASO1  causal interpretation1  ChatGPT2  chemical coordination5  chemical models1  chemical tuple spaces3  chronic diseases1  CINA10  client-side computing1  cloud computing2  cloud services1  CMS1  CNR-PA6  co-argumentation artefacts2  code mobility2  cognitive agents2  cognitive artefacts2  cognitive stigmergy6  collaboration2  collaborative learning systems1  Collaborative work1  collective intelligence1  collective services1  collective sorting8  Communication1  communication networks1  complex system simulation1  complex systems3  complexity2  component-based systems3  CompuLaw27  computability1  computable law1  computational biology7  computational fields6  computational institutions2  computational logic ecosystem1  computational logics5  computer science1  concurrent languages1  concurrent object-oriented programming2  concurrent software engineering1  concurrent systems1  conference management1  Constraint1  constraint logic programming1  constraint programming1  constraint satisfaction1  contact centres1  Context1  context awareness1  context-aware computing1  context-dependent coordination1  contexts8  contextual logic programming15  contextual programming2  contract nets1  control-driven coordination1  Control-driven models1  convolutional neural networks1  cooperation1  cooperative argumentation1  cooperative information systems1  coordination97  coordination architecture1  coordination artefacts8  coordination as a service3  coordination expressiveness4  coordination languages3  coordination middleware16  coordination models12  coordination patterns1  coordination technology9  coordination without model1  copy-collect1  CoQA dataset1  CORBA1  Cougaar1  counterfactual explanation2  Crosscutting1  crosscutting concerns1  CSCW2  CSM7  CSpaces1  cyber-physical and cloud systems1  cyber-physical systems1  DAI1  Darwin Information Typing Architecture1  data aggregation1  data mining2  Data-driven models1  DCaseLP1  DCVS1  decision support systems1  Decision making1  declarative programming1  declarative technologies8  deep learning2  deep neural networks2  defeasible logic1  defeasible preference1  defeasible reasoning4  delay measures1  DeLP1  demo2  description logics11  design guidelines1  design patterns3  design process documentation and fragmentation8  developmental biology2  DevOps1  dialogue6  digital democracy3  digital health1  digital pheromones1  digital twins2  discrete-event simulation2  distance learning1  distributed argumentation1  distributed consensus1  distributed data processing1  distributed language model training1  distributed logic programming4  distributed programming1  distributed systems14  distributed systems engineering2  domain specific languages4  Drosophila Melanogaster6  dynamic task allocation2  e-democracy platforms1  e-health6  e-learning2  e-learning management systems1  eager vs. lazy binding1  EasyLiving1  Eclipse4  Eclipse constraint solver1  Eclipse Modeling Framework1  Eclipse-IT2  eco-laws5  ecosystems1  edge computing2  edge intelligence3  EgoSpaces1  elasticity1  ELDAMeth1  eLearning2  embedding1  embodied computing1  embodied vs. disembodied coordination1  emergent behaviours1  encoder-decoders1  Engineering7  entscheidungsproblem1  environment engineering1  environment-based coordination9  epistemology2  ePolicy1  eScience1  eternal systems3  Ethereum1  ethical AI1  event loop1  event model1  event notification2  event-based systems1  event-driven coordination3  EXPECTATION14  expert systems1  explainability7  eXplainable AI18  explanation-ready agents2  expressiveness4  extended reality1  extreme programming4  farm planning1  few-shot learning1  field calculus4  field-based coordination2  finite state machine1  FIPA1  FIPA ACL2  FIPA agents1  Flickr30k dataset1  Flickr9k dataset1  follow-me1  formal models18  fragment1  fragmentation1  Framework2  functional programming1  FuturICT7  fuzzy description logic3  Gaia17  Gaia4E1  GALILEO5  game engines1  Gamma4  generalised assignment problem1  generative AI1  Generative communication1  generics3  Geo-Linda1  Gillespie2  Git1  glycolysis1  GNN2GNN1  goal-oriented systems1  GORMAS1  GPT-21  GPT-31  GPT31  graph neural networks2  green ICT1  grey-box semantics1  grid computing1  GridEx5  GridREx1  GroupLog1  HCI1  health care6  Healthcare3  hematopoietic stem cells2  hierarchical planning1  hierarchy in complex systems1  HiMAT8  History of ideas1  Home Manager9  Hospital 4.01  hybrid coordination1  hypercube-based methods1  HyperLedger Fabric1  ideal gas1  IEEE1  IEEE-FIPA documentation template3  image recognition1  implicit communication1  Implicit culture2  improvisation1  inductive logic programming4  INGENIAS3  INGENIAS-Agile1  intelligent agents5  intelligent environment1  intelligent systems15  intelligent systems engineering1  intelligent virtual environments1  intentional agents3  intentions1  inter-organisational workflow1  interaction5  interaction patterns1  interaction semantics1  interactive graphical maps1  interactive systems1  Internet agents9  Internet of Intelligent Things3  Internet of Things14  interoperability1  interpretability7  interpretable prediction2  intracellular signalling pathways1  intrusion detection2  IRoom1  Istar1  ITER1  JaCa1  JaCa-Android1  JaCaMo2  JADE6  Jadex1  Jason9  Java7  Java agents1  JavaBeans1  JavaSpaces4  Jini1  KILL1  kinetic modelling1  KINS2  Klaim4  knowledge extraction6  knowledge management2  knowledge representation1  knowledge-based systems1  knowledge-intensive environment10  knowledge-oriented coordination2  knowledge-oriented coordination1  Kotlin2  labelled systems1  labelled variables3  labelled variables in logic programming1  language models1  languages1  large language models2  large-scale coordination2  large-scale distributed systems1  large-scale simulation1  Law-governed Linda2  layering4  legal reasoning2  LighTS1  Lime3  LinCa1  Linda22  linear logic2  linkability2  linked data1  linking primitives1  LiquidFeedback2  live semantic annotations2  load classification1  logic2  logic agents2  logic constraints1  logic induction1  logic programming41  logic tuple centres1  logic tuple spaces2  logic-based argumentation1  logic-based coordination3  logic-based reasoning1  logic-based techniques2  logic-based technologies4  logical clocks1  logics1  logistics1  LogOp3  LPaaS9  LuCe7  machine learning9  Manifold3  MARS1  MARS-X1  MAS applications5  MAS coordination11  MAS engineering10  MAS environment29  MAS meta-model2  MAS middleware24  MAS organisation11  MAS security5  MaSE1  MASON1  massively multi-agent systems1  matheuristics1  Maude4  MDA1  medieval battles1  MEnSA25  Mentalistic agents1  Mercurial1  MERCURIO1  meta-argumentation2  meta-heuristics2  meta-model9  meta-modelling3  metabolyc pathways1  Method7  method engineering7  methodology4  micro-intelligence6  microservices1  middleware2  middleware integration1  minority game3  MiRAgE2  mirror worlds3  Mobile1  mobile agents9  mobile computing3  mobile systems1  mobility4  modal logic1  model checking3  model-driven architecture3  model-driven engineering2  Modeling1  models2  modular embedding2  Moise1  MoK14  Mok-News2  morphogenesis4  MS COCO dataset1  MS-BioNET2  msbionet1  MSR1  multi-agent based simulation11  multi-agent organisation2  multi-agent systems131  multi-disciplinary research1  multi-level autonomy2  multi-level models2  multi-paradigm languages1  multi-paradigm modelling2  multi-paradigm programming7  Multi-paradigm modelling1  multicellular systems biology3  multiple coordination flows2  n-Queens1  natural language processing3  nature-inspired computing5  nature-inspired coordination7  negotiation2  neural architecture search1  neural image caption generation1  neural machine translation2  neural network complexity1  neural network opacity1  neural networks5  neuro-symbolic reasoning1  news management systems3  NLP datasets1  NokiaMobileCoord12  norms2  nutritional recommendation systems1  O-MaSe1  object-oriented inductive logic programming2  object-oriented logic programming1  object-oriented Petri nets1  object-oriented planning1  object-oriented programming8  object-oriented model1  objective vs. subjective coordination9  observable sources1  observation9  observation-based coordination5  online engineering2  OOSE1  open computational systems2  open systems1  open vehicle fleets2  OpenUP1  open systems2  operating instructions4  operational semantics2  OPM2  opportunistic IoT services1  Orchestration1  organisation1  OWL1  OWL-S1  OWL-T1  P@J2  Paradigm shift1  parameter engineering1  parameter optimisations1  parametric weighted multi-path1  partial planning1  PASSI4  PEDRO1  Pellet1  personal agents1  personal medical digital assistants2  pervasive computing11  pervasive ecosystems5  pervasive sensing1  pervasive service ecosystems4  pervasive systems4  Petri nets3  Pheromones1  physical clocks1  physics1  pi-calculus1  plain diffusion1  planning3  plp1  PNagent1  post-declarative programming1  post-normal science1  practical reasoning1  PRISM3  privacy2  proactivity1  probabilistic languages2  probabilistic logic programming3  probabilistic model checking4  probabilistic modular embedding2  ProbLinCa1  Process5  process algebras6  process calculus1  process engineering1  Process migration1  program correctness1  program specification1  programmable coordination media6  programming2  programming languages3  programming paradigms1  Prolog17  Prolog agents1  Prolog agents1  Prometheus1  PROSOCS1  Protelis1  Proto1  PSyKE3  PSyKI4  pulverizable architectures1  quality of service2  Quintus Prolog1  R3 Corda1  rational agents3  RBAC7  RBAC-MAS8  RDF1  reactive behavioral system1  Reactiveness1  recommendation systems1  reflection1  reification1  reinforcement learning1  reliability1  remote diagnosis1  Reo2  Requirement analysis1  RESET4  resource-constrained devices1  resource-oriented architecture3  ReSpecT33  ReSpecTX1  ReSpecT nets1  REST8  rewriting logic1  RFID2  RGB-D1  RMI1  robot programming1  robot systems3  robustness1  roles4  RoleX1  ROMAS1  Rousseau1  S-WAM2  SANA1  SANAP1  SAPERE7  SAPERE-core4  SAPERE-in9  SAPERE-pre6  SAPERE-rel1  SAPERE-WP21  SC00097B1  ScaFi1  scalability2  security1  self-*1  self-adaptation1  self-awareness1  self-management of chronic diseases1  self-organisation2  self-organising coordination5  self-organising knowledge2  self-organising systems29  self-organising workspaces1  self-stabilisation2  semantic chemistry1  semantic coordination12  semantic reasoning1  semantic tuple centres4  semantic web8  Semantic matching1  SemHealthCoord3  service middleware1  service self-composition1  service-oriented architecture6  Services1  Shallow2Deep1  Shared Prolog1  SHOIN(D)1  SICStus1  SICStus Prolog5  signalling pathways models4  simpA6  simpA-WS1  simpAL3  simulation20  SIPEAA2  situadeness1  situated computing1  situated coordination2  situated intelligence1  situated logic programming3  Situated ReSpecT1  situatedness1  situational method engineering8  situational process engineering2  Small world networks1  smart contracts6  smart environments6  smart home8  smart hospital1  smart spaces2  social action2  social sciences1  social systems1  socio-technical systems5  Socio-technical systems1  SODA28  software architecture2  software development2  software development process6  software engineering7  software process1  Software factory1  Software systems1  SOKO coordination model1  space-based coordination1  space-time programming1  SPARQL1  spatial computing8  spatial computing languages1  spatial coordination1  Spatial Tuples2  Spatial abstractions1  Spatial coordination1  spatio-temporal computing1  SPEM5  SPEM 2.01  StairwAI12  standard of proofs1  statistical mechanics1  stem cells1  stigmergy6  STIL2  stochastic coordination6  stochastic Prolog1  stochastic simulation5  stochastic simulation algorithm4  stochastic systems3  stochastic π-calculus3  StoKlaim3  stream processing1  structured logic programming1  stupid backoff1  sTuples2  subsumption architecture1  supervised learning1  survey1  SVN1  Swarm1  SYBL1  symbolic AI1  symbolic knowledge extraction4  symbolic knowledge injection5  symbolic vs. subsymbolic9  symbolic reasoning1  synchronisation1  systematic literature review2  systemic coordination1  systems biology5  systems biology modelling languages1  systems of systems2  System dynamics1  T Spaces2  TAILOR3  task-oriented engineering2  TCP/IP1  telemedicine1  TeleStroke1  Tenderfone3  Tendermint1  Testing1  theoretical physics1  theory of mind1  tic-tac-toe1  time1  timed coordination2  Timed ReSpecT2  tools6  topology8  TOTA3  train punctuality1  transactions1  transformers2  trauma management1  TraumaTracker5  Tropos8  trust1  TRUST 032  trustable systems1  TuCSoN106  TuCSoN on Cloud1  TuCSoN4Jade1  tuple centres12  tuple matching1  tuple-based coordination50  tuProlog22  Turing equivalence1  TuSoW1  Type 1 diabetes mellitus1  T Spaces1  ubiquitous systems1  UML2  understandability2  UNIBO2  uniform primitives4  UNIMORE5  UNITN10  Unity3D1  Unreal Engine1  verification2  virtual enterprise4  virtual organisations1  virtual reality1  virtual worlds1  VLSI Prolog1  WAM2  Web 2.01  web services3  WebLP5  WebText dataset1  Web architecture1  wildcards1  WoAT2  WordNet1  workflow1  workflow management systems8  WWW3  XMAS1  XML2  zooming2  π-calculus1 

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