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Academic Activities

At ISI (Ingegneria e Scienze Informatiche - Computer Science and Engineering), University of Bologna, Cesena:

  • Programming Paradigms - Master degree course on programming Paradigms, providing (1) basic elements of functional and logic programming, and (2) basic theory and in-depth practice of concurrent programming Official Course Web Site

    • Valutazione degli studenti (students' evaluation, in ita): 2012-2013
At the II Faculty of Engineering, University of Bologna, Cesena:

  • Operating Systems - Introductory course on operating systems held at the second year of the 1st Level Degree Course on Informatics (Computer Engineering) Official Course Web Site

  • Concurrent and distributed programming - Introductory course on concurrent and distributed programming held at the first year of the 2nd Level Degree Course on Informatics (Computer Engineering)