Currently my main research activity concerns agent-oriented computing, i.e. the definition and investigation of new mainstream high-level paradigms for programming and engineering software systems based on agent-oriented abstractions.

Specific contributions about this:

  • A&A (Agents and Artifacts) programming model
  • simpA Java-based agent programming framework
  • simpAL language and virtual machine
  • SMAART simple methodology based on A&A

Other ongoing research activities:

  • A Theory of Artifacts for Cognitive MAS
    • A&A and a theory of use for Cognitive MAS
    • Activity Theory for Cognitive MAS
    • Cognitive Stigmergy in MAS
  • Infrastructures for engineering artifact-based environments in Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)
    • CARTAGO infrastructure
  • A&A for Modelling and Simulating Complex Systems

Past research activities:

  • Coordination Models and Infrastructures for Multi-Agent Systems
    • Works on TuCSoN Coordination Infrastructure
    • Works on ReSpecT Coordination Model
  • Role-Based Access Control for Multi-Agent Systems
    • Extending TuCSoN with RBAC


  • APSLA'07 First Special Track on Agent-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications at ACM SAC Conference
  • AOC (Agent-Oriented Computing) community and conference. This ongoing discussion (web site, register or enter as guest) is about the creation of a new community and event in the context of programming and software engineering devoted to "Agents and MAS as a paradigm for programming and engineering software systems". Everyone interested is invited to participate.



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