Welcome to aliCE Research Group Home

This is the Web portal of the aliCE research group.

aliCE stands for agents, languages & infrastructures for Complexity Engineering. Agents and multiagent systems, programming languages and environments, and software infrastructure, aimed at the engineering of complex artificial systems, are in fact the most important research lines of the group.

This portal aims at providing a coherent and up-to-date vision of our research, and an easy access to its products as well. In particular, the aliCE portal first of all targets researchers, but also students and practioneers trying to understand what we do mean when we say ?research?.


  • People — In this area you find a brief description of the people (researchers, students, collaborators) affiliated with or involved in anyway with the activities of the aliCE lab.
  • Publications — This area collects scientific materials and publications either produced or used by aliCE people
  • Talks — This area collects talks, seminars, and presentations either given or attended by aliCE people
  • Products — In this area you can access to information on applied research, in terms of prototypes and technologies developed by the members of the group.
  • Projects — In this area you can find detailed information about all projects managed in APICe.
  • Courses — Here you can find a list of the courses held by aliCE people.
  • Theses — Here you can find a list of the theses developed by aliCE people.
  • Research Themes — In this area you can find a brief description of research themes currently under investigation, or anyway relevant to the aliCE activities.
  • Events — Here you can find a list of event (conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars,...) which are attended by aliCE people.
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